Disney Movie Open Auditions / Open Casting for Lilo & Stitch Movie in Hawaii

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Casting directors for Walt Disney Studios are holding an open casting call for the live action movie “Lilo and Stitch.”

Have you always wanted to land a role in a Disney movie? If so read on because Disney casting directors in Hawaii are holding open auditions for actors to fill three speaking roles including the lead role of “Lilo.”

The Disney film is a live adaptation of the animated movie from some years ago and will be filming in Hawaii. The Disney project, Lilo & Stitch, is being described as a feature length, high budget movie for their subscription based streaming service Disney+. Zach Galifinakis is set to be a part of this cast as well.  His character has yet to be announced.  This is not the first open call in Hawaii for the Disney movie.  Disney announced open auditions last month and seems to still be looking to fill the lead role of Lilo.

There are three roles that are still up for grabs.  According to local Hawaiian news KITV, those roles are for Lilo, Tutu and another character named Mrs. Kekoa. Lilo is a 6 to 8 year old girl of Hawaiian / Polynesian / Maori descent. TuTu is a 70’s native Hawaiian and Mrs. Kekoa is aged around 55.

The Disney movie revolves around a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who after a close encounter finds what she believes in an ugly and quite odd dog which she names Stitch.    Anyway, her new pet “dog” ends up being a genetic experiment by an alien race and simply crash landed on earth…where she finds her new and very hard to handle pet. Of course, that new pet dog doesn’t actually look or act like a dog but she does go on and convince her community that he is simply ugly.

Lilo’s attention and love of her new adopted “pet” help open up Stitches heart and the two develop an inseparable bond.


Lilo is described as a 6-8 year-old precocious Native Hawaiian who loves hula, surfing and wildlife, with an affinity for all things gross!

The other two roles still up for grabs:


Tutu is described as a Native Hawaiian woman in her 70’s who speaks with a local Pidgin accent. She is warm, quick-witted, and hospitable. Tutu has been Lilo and Nani’s neighbor for years and is understanding of their struggles.

Mrs Kekoa:

Mrs. Kekoa is described as having Asian American and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander heritage. She is a 55 year-old social worker. Mrs. Kekoa is a by-the-book, kind and patient woman who checks in regularly with Nani, who she can tell is struggling to keep her head above water to care for Lilo.

Those interested and who fit the requested character descriptions may check out the casting notices below for all the information on how to get in a Disney movie.


Open casting call for Disney in Lilo & Stitch movie


Disney auditions for kids - movie Lilo & Stitch live action to be filmed in hawaii.

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