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Welcome to auditionsfree.com!

This website was started many years ago (wow, think it’s been 15, or more now) to help talent connect with the productions that may be looking to cast someone just like them. In the years since, the site has grown and now adds hundreds of new casting calls every week. The site has kept the same format since the beginning. Yes, I know it lacks the bells and whistles.  I hear it quite often, but, the point has always been to keep it simple and easy to navigate. There are no user accounts, no logins required, and absolutely no strings attached. I know a magazine format has been popular but this is not a magazine. There is no entertainment news, irrelevant celebrity gossip or cool videos. Auditionsfree.com is what it has been since the beginning, an ongoing, daily updated list of new casting notices which may be found here. Also, be sure to checkout the nationwide auditions.

The site lists castings and auditions for many different areas.  Most casting notices are local. Please be sure to check the listed location on the notice and only submit for roles that are in your general area unless they are marked nationwide. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but there is a misconception that large productions will cast people for small roles, living anywhere and that is not the case.  This site is totally free to use, and the only way to keep it that way is to make sure that the casting directors posting their calls get  relevant submissions from talent who fit the specifications. When a production gets too many irrelevant submissions (wrong location, age group, etc.) they will no longer publish the notices and that hurts everyone.

Auditionsfree.com lists a variety of casting and auditions notices for many different types of projects including calls for extras. If you are looking to get some work as a movie of TV show extra, be sure to read Information for Movie and TV Show Extras.

Please note that this site keeps a large archive so take note of the date the notice was posted. While new notices are always on the home page and subsequent pages that follow, going 100 pages in will bring up older notices. Some of those projects may still be casting (reality shows, ongoing theater productions and shows, etc.) but others may not. Archived notices are there for informational purposes only. For example, if there is a particular show you would love to be in, you can find the last notices to get an idea of when the show films and where. That way you may get an idea of when the next season will be in production as well as who to contact. Many notices also have a submit by date listed.

Auditionsfree.com is not an agency and does not handle talent in any way. The site is a collection of casting calls from many different production companies and casting directors. The majority of notices are posted by the productions and casting directors of the project. While auditionsfree.com does it’s best to keep the scammy stuff out, sometimes they do get through. Never send any money to anyone promising an audition! Projects that ask talent for upfront payments are usually scams. Be sure to read our articles on modeling scams and child acting scams.

Auditionsfree.com has a general mailing list. Talent that wish to get a list of our latest casting notices may sign up to get auditions and casting calls emailed to them. Please note that this is a completely free service that is not customized for individual talent. The emailed casting list is sent to be a helpful resource to the site’s users who would like to be notified about new shows and productions that are looking for talent.

With all the above said…. I must add, that I love hearing from this site’s users. Messages telling me about roles someone was cast in after seeing the notice here totally make my day and put a giant smile on my face. Feel free to message me on FB or through the contact page.

Now, go break a leg!


14 thoughts on “About Auditionsfree.com – Audition and Casting Information

  1. Cherish maxwell

    Hi I want to be an actress, am 14 years old.

  2. Victoria. K

    I have a dream and this is it. I am creative, I can sing Christmas carols and I can act. I love Christmas.

    1. Victoria. K

      And I am 9 years old because my birthday is soon.

    2. Juan crespo

      I want an audition for the marvel movies wolverine and the X-Men.

  3. Stacia

    I want to leave my American Idol audition with someone whom will pass it on to Ryan Seacrest. My step brother beats me up so I want to leave town and sing to the world about me moving a man that don’t feel the same way.

  4. Terry Jenkins

    Having a hard time getting back into background. I quit for a while. I’m 77 years old now but don’t look it. live in powder springs out side of Atlanta. Been in a lot of movies.

  5. Terrilyn

    I am in my 40’s gospel singer………. where do I sign up to sing for the LORD.

  6. Jeanne Harris

    You do an excellent job. We appreciate it and please keep it up.

  7. edgar gregory

    just trying to get my name out there, 73 yrs young, passion and contacts are a must.

  8. Hannah Mills


    When one finds an audition opportunity, how does one submit an application/get in touch?


    1. erica Post author

      Each audition notice should have directions to submit as well as a date for when it was posted.


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