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Scottsdale / Phoenix auditions

Casting notice posted on, casting location: scottsdale -phoenix arizona
Several talented students from Scottsdale Community College are pooling their talents and time together to produce a mini-feature this sumer. We have all worked very hard together on the script and the final result is a product of the combined creativity and passions of a very robust crew of student film makers. No effort will be spared to make this a very serious and polished production with serious ambitions toward the the major festivals on the circuit. This is a chance to be in a film that will be entered to festivals nation wide and gain lots of exposure. We are not guaranteeing any payment for talent but depending on our fund raising activity successes we are not ruling it out. Several of the professors from our school are mentoring us and the participant film maker/students have every reason to go all out on this film because this work will be the platform for many of us to seek future opportunities. The Casting call will be on May 14. Please call Barb Gresser for additional information and location details. in case potential actors might be want to know the type of film the story line would have something in common with films such as The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Falling Down, John Q.
Call Barb for additional details at 6026178621. the roles we are seeking to cast can be found below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
26 to 40 year old man to play a loving father. Western, cowboy type, slightly rugged, but very charming.

8 to 14 year old girl to play Daughter.

18 to 25 year old young man.
18 to 25 year old girlfriend.

18 to 25 year old young man, self centered, fraternity type.

50 to 70 year old western type sheriff.

60 to up elderly neighbor. cantankerous cowboy type.

40 to 50 year old mother of young man.

Multiple police officers and one doctor.

Casting Location: scottsdale -phoenix arizona
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