New NBC zombie show “Babylon Fields” Needs some extras and a DJ in NY


The zombies are coming to NBC

20th Century ‘s remake of “Babylon Fields” is now filming in New York and casting directors at Grant Wilfley are looking to cast club-goers and a SAG DJ for a scene filming in Long Island next week (See casting notice and submission information below).

NBC is creating its own zombie resurrection television series. The project is making a comeback. The project went unsold in 2007 after the first pilot was created but now 20th Century Fox is picking it up and the new series pilot has begun production in New York.

Described as a sardonic drama, in Babylon Fields, the dead are rising in Babylon, NY, and as a result, lives are regained, old wounds are reopened and families are restored — for better or worse. The newly regenerated bodies are healing faster and growing stronger than anyone else leading to the suspicion that they might be the next step in human evolution. –  Deadline.

Virginia Madsen will star in “Babylon Fields“. She will be playing the role of a mother of a scientist for the CDC. She lives in Babylon N.Y. and in Babylon, the dead have a way of coming back to life. IMDB lists the plot as being “The dead return to earth in an attempt to restore old wounds”.

Zombies coming to NBC

THR reports that Skeet Ulrich (Jericho) will be playing 2 roles, that of a minister and another of the minister’s zombie twin brother.  Kyle Schmid will play the role of a CDC scientist. Others cast in the pilot include Meagan Good, Ritchie Coster, and  Yul Vazquez (Magic City)

Michael Cuesta (Homeland, Dexter) will be directing the new show and his brother, Gerald Cuesta is writing. Gerald Cuesta also wrote the original pilot from 2007.

Seeking Nonunion club-goers and SAGAFTRA DJ for Monday 3/17 for NBC pilot Babylon Fields. Filming in Long Island. Please let us know if you have a car (note the make/model/year/color). Email recent picture and phone # to Write CLUB SCENE in the subject line of your email.


Check out this kinda long clip from the original pilot

Babylon Fields featured reanimated zombies as characters, Rather than being portrayed as malevolent monsters…..

We’ll have to wait  and see if the new version follows the same  take on zombies.

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