Online Auditions for kids – Will Smith movie “Brilliance” child lead role

By | May 28, 2014

Auditions for little girl to play the daughter of Will Smith in new feature film “Brilliance“.

The role up for grabs is that of a 6 to 8 year old little girl named Kate. Kate is Will Smith’s daughter and also considered to be  “Brilliant“.

Will Smith will be starring in another Sci-fi feature, “Brilliance“. Legendary Films new movie is about a world where people are rarely born with an extraordinary set of gifts including a very high IQ. People who possess these rare gifts are referred to as “Brilliants”.

Near the end of the 20th century, “brilliants” are born, making up one percent of the worldwide population. These “brilliants” – also known as “abnorms” and “twists,” are savant geniuses possessing a wide range of extraordinary skills. Will Smith stars federal agent, Nick Cooper, who is recruited to find certain “Brilliants”, one of which has become a terrorist and intends on starting a war. At the same time, Smith’s daughter, Kate is also a “Brilliant”. As Smith chases other “Brilliants”, he must keep his daughter sage which means teaching her how to hide her own gifts from the world.

The film is based on the book written by Marcus Sakey and David Koepp is writing the script. Julius Onah is directing with Joe Roth, Thomas Tul, Alex Hedlund, Eric McLeod and Palek Patel
producing the super hero flick. The entertainment news website, Deadline, reports that starring alongside Smith will be Noomi Rapace.

Auditions for Will Smith film 'Brilliance"

The official description of the story is as follows…

In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called “brilliants,” and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in—and betray his own kind.

About the role:

KATE: 6-8 years old, African American. Kate is the daughter of Nick Cooper (played by Will Smith). She is a “brilliant” child, meaning she has been born with an extremely high IQ which her father is teaching her to hide from everyone including her mother. She has an aptitude for mathematics and linguistics, who also understands emotions.
Must Be Able to handle lots of dialogue and convey emotion.

To apply for the role online you may submit a video audition through the website setup by the casting directors, Click here. Get your audition videos ASAP because the deadline to submit is the 2nd of next month.


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    I am submitting for my granddaughter she is six going on seven.

  2. Travis Cole

    Hello my name is Travis Cole and I would love to become an actor because I have a lot of personality and I live in Memphis Tennessee thanks.


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