Open call for Fox new show “Utopia” in Chicago

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Fox is casting for a new show called Utopia and an open casting call has been scheduled for this weekend in the Chicagoland area.

Utopia” will be the new Fox unscripted series  that will take a group of people and isolate them so they can form their own community, their own rules and their own lifestyle. All this will be caught on camera and unlike other shows, the community will keep going for months to a year.

Do you have a year to spare to go on a new, groundbreaking reality show? Yes, this is a 1 year commitment! Fox casting directors are looking for adventurers who think they have the skills to form their own “Utopia” from scratch.

Reality TV super producer, John De Mol of “Big Brother” & “The Voice” is behind the show and Deadline reports that “Utopia” will have little in common with “Big Brother” or his previous shows. When asked about the long length of the show, De Mol  stated that “One of the things we liked about the idea is that is very bold and open,” whether it goes the full year will be up to the participants.

De Mol also mentioned that the participants “have the opportunity to create a society, and we don’t know to what degree they will succeed — will it be harmonious, or will there be a revolution or another event that will put an end to it?

The show is now casting for their first season and everyone across the US has a chance to tryout to  be on the show. An open call is scheduled for this coming weekend in Chicago and those who do not live in the Chicago area can apply via the website.

The show is based on the Dutch version which is already on air and this year they will be filming the US version of the show. Those that want to audition for “Utopia” in Chicago can come on down to the Comic & Entertainment Expo this Friday-Sunday at McCormick Place’s South Building, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive. The open casting call will be from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Fox reality show "Utopia" now casting

15 people will be chosen to participate on the show and more will be cast throughout the season. Unlike other shows that do not add new cast members when somebody gets voted out, “Utopia” will add new cast members to replace those who can’t cut it and leave.

Cameras will follow the participants 24/7 and some of that will be put into the show. The participants will have the opportunity  “to create and build a whole new world – just the way they want it!”. They will create their own world, grow their own food  and create their very own “Utopia” without the help of modern technologies and conveniences such as existing power and communications.

Do you feel that you have that pioneering spirit? Do you want to put it to the test? This is your chance! “With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these ‘pioneers’ must draw on their own ideals and everything they know about societies around the world, to create a new one … will it be better? Will they rewrite the rules they have always lived by? Will they falter or prosper?”

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