Casting in Townsend Delaware for Short, Student Film


Devil Brother short film

Location: Townsend Delaware

Type: Film

Hi My name is Christopher Ulrich. I am 22 years old and this is my first short film. I will be playing 17 year old middle brother, Kacey. I am not quite done with the script yet but I am almost done. I am looking for actors and actresses to act in it with me. This short film follows a mother and her 3 sons as they deal with the oldest brothers constant, sometimes dangerous bullying on his 2 younger brothers. The oldest brother Alex has a problem with anger, a serious problem with anger, he eventually gets thrown out of the house at the end with his mom telling him to get a job. So if your interested email your head shot and/ resume or bio. This will be fun. You can do this to get experience. Thanks and have an awesome day!

Sincerely, Christopher Ulrich

Available Roles:

Amy Artz- The Mother who is a good mom who loves and cares for her sons. She is worried for her oldest son. She is 35 years old. ( Age range 40 to 45)

Alex Artz- The oldest son and brother who is the “Devil Brother”. He often picks and bullies his 2 youngers brothers and sometimes he can be very dangerous. He is 19 years old. (Age range 20 to 25)

Brent Artz- The youngest son and brother. He is picked on just like his brother kacey is with their older brother alex. He is nice and layed back. He is 15 years old.
( Age range 17 to20 )

Payment: other

City or Location of call: Townsend Delaware
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