Houston Texas Indie Film Casting Speaking Roles

By | March 15, 2015

Right Thumb Up

Location: Houston, TX

Type: Film

Role Name Gender Ethnicity Age Range Description

Charlie Male Caucasian 31-40 Charlie has a sadistic side. He lures women with his charm and good looks which makes it easy for women to trust him. Charlie is tall, fit, and has captivating eyes. He is very smart and has a temper when things do not go his way.

Janet Female Mixed 18-24 Janet is spoiled, young and naive. She is very strong and has a will to survive by all means. She is a fighter. She is pretty, young and petite.

Morgan Female Any Ethnicity 18-24 Morgan is pretty and hopeful. She is a singer and she sings to her baby inside her pregnant belly every night.

Hayley Female Any Ethnicity 18-24 Hayley is also very pretty and pregnant as well. She is very pessimistic about the situation and she knows her future isn’t promising.

Doug Male Any Ethnicity 25-30 Detective Doug is one of the main detectives in the small Texas town. He is very kind and attentive. He really wants to help Janet and find the person responsible for all of this.

Pam Female Any Ethnicity 41-50 Janet’s Mom loves her daughter very much. She wants Janet to finish school and not marry her boyfriend, Jared. She and Janet argue because they have different views on how Janet should live her life.

Jared Male Any Ethnicity 18-24 Jared is Janet’s boyfriend that she ran away with.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Houston, TX
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