Cast for Chicago Area Student Film “Portrait”



Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Student Films

Plot Synopsis: Best friends and roommates Carrie and Lippy prepare for the last night of the fall semester as they spend their final night together on lockdown in their apartment during a snowstorm.
They navigate errands, enjoy casual drug use and dinner before going their separate ways for the holidays in the morning, all the while joking about their dreams, lauding Planned Parenthood, and just spending some good old-fashioned quality time together.


Carrie (female): A college senior and Lippy’s best friend and roommate. Carrie is the more reserved friend, but she’s by no means shy. She’s a morning person, type-A inclined, maternal, etc; considered environmentally conscious. She’s sarcastic and clever and smokes weed and gets anxious on planes.
-Must be able to pass for college-aged student
(teens welcome too!)

Lippy (female): College senior and Carrie’s best friend. She loves entertaining her friends and is shameless in her efforts. She’s loud and bubbly and loves wine. She’s the obvious “youngest child type”. She’s spontaneous, chronically late, but the most thoughtful friend a person could ask for.
-Must be able to pass for college-aged student (teens welcome too!)

A (real life) famous musician: We would prefer a real famous musician’s doppelganger! No need for an impression of any kind; this role has no dialogue and is featured in just one quick scene. Any ‘well-known’ artist who would *conceivably* perform music at a concert will do.
*Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t look like anyone ‘well-known’. If you consider yourself a musician in any form, please submit!

Woman: 30s-50s. This role has two strange lines that have to be delivered deadpan and with attitude to her husband.

Husband: 30s-50s. This role has one line that is very defensive!

Barista: (male or female; all ages welcome to submit) This role just has one line in one scene.

Fire Escape Films Chicago

*Shooting will take place over about 7 weekends, starting in mid January.

Audition Dates: TBD (look for the first week of January 2017, after the 3rd)

If chosen to audition, you will receive an email with audition time/location/official date.

Payment: Other
Copy, Credit, On set meals provided

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
Please submit to: by 2017-01-03

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