Casting Teen Actors for Video Game Project in Charlotte NC


Shrapnel and scars

Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Film

My name is Victoria Chapman, director of “shrapnel and scars”. This is an independent film used to expand on the background of the characters in a first action adventure game (also in production by lucas game studios) the film follows college students and young couple, josh and Ashley, as they are caught in the middle of the war on terrorism, after a terrorist attack on US soil, which the two were involved in and survived, the United States decides to declare war on Russia, and josh is sent to the front lines.

Actors will be playing young college aged students and military personnel.

We ask that all actors to be in the Charlotte area

Characters still available
Ashley(female lead protagonist) recommend age 17-19, white
kelly(female protagonist)recommend ages 17-19, white
Erica(female extra) recommend ages 17-19,white

Alexander(male antagonist)17-19
Male antagonists(extras) 17-19

Student extras(male or female)17-19, mixed ethnicity

If interested please record your self saying the following lines and send it to the email listed above, take a second break at each underscore “_” prior to continuing.

Multiple characters are fitted into each category. Study the lines carefully before recording as no dialect has been listed, therefore the actor should determine the said dialect prior to recording.

Male : so… About that date, does Friday still work for you _ get your hands off me, I SAID GET OFF ME _ hey, look, I know things are hard right now, and I know your scared, so am I, but I need you to stay strong, if they even think your scared, they’ll use that against you _ what’s the plan _ did you have a reason to say that _ hostels at two o’clock, see them _ do you really think this will work _ regrouping _ hey bro, long time no see

Mixed for male or female : this is my favorite part _ shoot he’s getting away _ sit down and shut up _ I’m tired of you, you know that, your just a sick dog, so why shouldn’t I put you down _ shoot, how’d they find us _ this is a hostage situation, you will give me your full cooperation if you want to live _ found another one _ stay down kid, if you know what’s good for you _ damn, need back up, I’m hit_ what do we do, we’re stuck here, it’s funny, but I thought those two love birds should never hold hands

Female : are you ok, you took a heavy hit to the head _ I missed you _ no, don’t go, I need you, please _ what if they find us _ things have been pretty dull around here but they should be turning back to normal now that your back _ no, I’m scared, I don’t want to die _ two points of entry, one to the north and a door to the east _ why are you doing this _ just promise me you’ll come back in one piece _ but, I love you _ ya, I get them too

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to: by 2016-06-10

This casting notice was posted by: Lucas game studios (film division)

2 thoughts on “Casting Teen Actors for Video Game Project in Charlotte NC

  1. Mario Elcock

    I would love to do any role you all would put me in. I am a 15 year old male actor, I enjoy working in films or video and etc. I’m a huge fan of video games, any time you need me. I’m available.

  2. Ethan Lawson

    Very interested. My name is Ethan Lawson people know me as H2OFoxierious on Xbox or YouTube. I’m also a big fan of video games. I’m actually in the making of my own Spiderman series. I’m 15 and turning 16 in September. If you’d like to talk more notify me by this email.


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