Atlanta Area Actors for Indie Short “Arcadia Flowers”


Looking to cast short thriller film.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Film

Arcadia Flowers

Two best friends, a model and a photographer, walk into an offlimits testing site by mistake, when looking for a perfect photo location and happen to find a lost girl, with no memory on how she got there. The two must decided if they want to help her or just leave her to continue to be experimented on.


Mackenzie – Early 20s Female – She is a wannabe social media model. She is a bit of an air head but overall has a really good heart. She tends to only really care about getting likes over helping other people and throughout the film this becomes an issue that she has to deal with. (Looking for the Instagram model type)

Natalie – 20s, Female – She is Mackenzie’s best friend and one of the few female photographers in the area. She wishes to do more with her photography than taking pictures of models but does want to help her friend. She is more into taking landscape/nature photos. (Someone with some photography skill would be a plus but not required.)

Girl – 18 -24, female – She doesn’t remember anything about herself. She is covered in bandages and scars. She doesn’t speak much and shows all of her emotions through her actions. This is a character that has been experimented on and she shows in when we see her in the film. (Looking for someone slim for this role)

Isabella – 18 -28, female – The badass female type. She was in the same lab as the girl. She is a lot stronger (Mentally) than Girl. She is very rebellious and is always fighting with Lynn. (Looking for someone slim for this role)

Lynn – 25-35, Male or Female – Lynn is the person who has been conducting the experiments on Girl and Isabella. This is a very intimidation person and has not problem physically punishing anyone. (Looking for a person with a muscular build.)

If you’re interested in being a part of this project please submit to the below email with the subject line “Aflowers”

With your email please send a headshot, full body shot and resume to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to: by 2019-04-19

This casting notice was posted by: DC, Casting Director

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