Auditions for Student Film “Lost in the Red Snow” in Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Lost In The Red Snow

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Type: Film

Casting Call: Student Film
“Lost in the Red Snow”

*Seeking multiple South Asian actors to portray Kashmiri-Indian characters.
Fluency or experience in urdu or hindi is a plus but is not required. Voice training will be provided for the dialogue. Auditions will be in English.

*Filming at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts on October 19th-21st.

*8-10 hours on set for Talent. Non-paid, non-union, meals and IMDB credit/reel footage guaranteed.

Summary: A child soldier in Kashmir is taken in by an older couple after being severely injured. As his old platoon searches for him, he grows closer to the couple while they nurse him back to health. When his commander finds him, the boy must choose between having a family and answering his call of duty.


1. Harud (Final name TBD) (South Asian, 10-15 years old, Male)- A Muslim child soldier in Kashmir, India. Hardened by a lifetime of war and strife but still a child longing for love. As time goes on, he shows the couple the innocent child buried deep inside.

2. Ishma (South Asian, 40-60 years old, Female)- After losing her child to the war, Ishma’s grief makes her believe that Harud is her long-lost son come home. As she cares for him, her bond with the boy becomes as real to him as it is to her.

3. Abdul (South Asian, 40-60 years old, Male)- Stuck between protecting his wife and helping Harud, Abdul has had to care for Ishma for years since their child’s death. Now with someone else to care for, Abdul slowly learns again how to be a father.

4. Rameez (South Asian, 18-25 years old, Male)- Harud’s commander, Rameez has cared for the boy since he was a small child. After sending Harud on an important mission, Rameez finds that the boy has abandoned it for Abdul and Ishma, forcing him to give Harud an ultimatum. Leave the family or watch them die.

5. Young Soldiers (South Asian, 15-25 years old, Male)- Young South Asian men to portray a group of young soldiers, all of whom would have grown up in this war, needed for one scene.

If interested please submit a headshot to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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