Acting Auditions in Dallas for Indie Movie Project “Home” – Speaking, Lead Roles



Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Film

Casting multiple actors for parts in a short film that explores a crumbling family’s dilemma surrounding distractions, stress, and business. With shades of “A Christmas Story,” this narrative follows a man’s incessant pursuit of succeeding in his 9-5, no matter the cost, even if that means the destruction of his relationships with the wife and kid that he loves most. There will be no audible dialogue, and the short will play out like a prolonged music video, accompanied by a fitting score.

The immediate purpose of this short film is to include it in a large Church’s online programming for the Holidays. However, the plan is to then repurpose the short as a stand-alone film to be entered into film competitions.

The immediate return for this project will be a digital compilation of scenes to use for an actor’s reel. However, the plan is to enter this into a couple of festivals, and if any winnings are accrued, each main actor will receive 10%.

Main Actors Needed:

Husband (30s-40s)- This is a husband and father that is in a haze, surrendering his soul to his job and forfeiting the beauty of life right in front of him. This is the main actor and he will carry most scenes emotionally, from depression, to anger, to frustration, to love, and sorrow. This is a rich character to include in one’s reel.

Wife (30s-40s)- This is the main supporting role in the narrative. This is a hardworking mom that is doing her best to be strong and keep the family from falling apart.

Child (4-9)- This child is starving for his dad’s attention, but instead gets the leftovers, which turn out to be pent up frustrations and stress.

This shoot will tentatively take place in the city of Midland, TX on December 08. We might have to shuffle the date by a few days to meet talent and operational needs. If chosen, the shooting schedule will likely revolve around your availability. For example, if the talent can only work weekends, we can potentially move it back to the 4th or 5th.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2021-11-27
Please submit a recorded audition video to The roles are all dramatic in nature, so feel free to submit a scene from an existing story that shows emotion.

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