Web Series Auditions for “The Abnormals” in D.C., Maryland and Virginia Area

By | May 7, 2021

“The Abnormals”

Location: D.C., Maryland and Virginia Area

Type: Web series

Hello actors of the DMV area! I’m Shalaan Powell, creator, writer, producer and director of the supernatural dramedy series “The Abnormals.” I am currently casting for the characters Aaron Wallace, Ronnell Parks, and Alejandro and Alana Alvarez. ACTORS MUST BE AGES 21-27, able to portray 16-17 age range. We typically film in the PG and St. Charles County area of Maryland. It is encouraged that cast and crew are vaccinated, but if not, we do have guidelines to ensure COVID stipulations during filming. This is a NON-UNION acting gig that pays per shooting day. Payment includes:

$20 for gas/towards transportation expenses (i.e. uber or lyft)
$20 for food/dining (Snack options and water will be supplied day of shooting as well)
$75 for overall shooting day.
If you are interested and would like to send in an audition, email me at newabnormal123@gmail.com. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS WILL BE MAY20TH. Check out the web series “The Abnormals” at the link below:

Age: 17
Ethnicity: Black/ African American
Species: Human
Character Description: The brainy, tall and slightly awkward “boy next door” type, Ronnell has always had a crush on Mya Adwa, and with some new summer confidence he finally tells her. Ronnell has a suave and chill demeanor that he doesn’t realize he exudes. He’s smart and often resorts to corny S.T.E.M jokes or really bad euphemisms that don’t always come out how he intended them to. However, what renders him shy to some is actually what draws others in to him at times, and he’ll have to find ways to be more sure of himself if he wants to win over the girl of his dream.

Age: 17
Ethnicity: Black/African American
Species: Human
Character Description: Aaron is artsy, bubbly and ready to take on the world with his know-how and determination. He’s in a budding relationship with Calvin Lynnwood, one that’s open and maybe escalating to loving? The only secret they have to keep is the fact that Calvin is actually a werewolf and Aaron knows about it. Since humans in the town of Briarfell aren’t supposed to know of the existence of supernatural creatures, Calvin wants to keep Aaron as far away from his world as possible, but Aaron feels the need to prove that he’s someone that his boyfriend can rely on, especially when things are beginning to get dark for Calvin.

Age: 17
Ethnicity: Hispanic/ El Salvadorian
Species: Warlock and Witch
Character(s) Description: Alejandro (Alex) and Alana are fraternal twins who find themselves constantly haunted by the torment their mother put them through at a very young age all the way to their early adolescence. Forcing them to use their magical abilities in unspeakable ways as she grieved the loss of their father. Now free from her grasp, the twins struggle with who they are versus what their actions have made them think of themselves. Alex tries to be much more protective of his sister, being headstrong and uptight, hardly ever allowing himself to let loose and be “fun.” Whereas Alana is seemingly confident and willing to put the past behind her and start fresh… or so she thinks.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: D.C., Maryland and Virginia Area
Please submit to: newabnormal123@gmail.com by 2021-05-20
Provide headshots and a reek if applicable

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