Winston-Salem, NC Casting Call for “Mr. Meeches’ Massacre” Film

By | September 5, 2023

Indie Horror/Comedy “Mr. Meeches’ Massacre”

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Audition / Call Type: Films

“Mr. Meeches’ Massacre”, an indie horror/comedy shooting in the Winston-Salem, NC area later this winter, is casting for its lead and supporting roles. Cast will receive a pay rate of $100/day. The film follows a group of minimum wage daycare employees who become trapped inside the building with a killer version of the company’s mascot. Projected rating is R (for language, violence, and gore). Must be local or willing to work as local.


The roles we are currently casting for are:

EMMETT (male, 20s) — Lead. Protagonist. A slacker and a stoner. Enjoys never doing any real work at his job. Avoids responsibility whenever possible. Close friends with Jodie.

JODIE (female, 20s) — Lead. Slow to excitement. Lacks enthusiasm. Plenty of leadership skills. Takes charge of the survivors when the insanity begins. Close friends with Emmett.

MAX (male, 20s) — Supporting. The epitome of a suck-up. Always looking for ways to get his coworkers in trouble. Everyone hates him. Except for Cooper, who just ignores him.

COOPER (male, 30s) — Lead. Night manager at the daycare. Hardly ever leaves his office. Complete wuss. Addicted to an obscure K-Pop band. Vomits at the sight of blood. Note: the role of Cooper involves a substantial amount of fake vomit.

OLLIE (female, 20s) — Lead. Punk artist. Sports a huge mohawk. Very into graffiti, sticking it to The Man, and exploring art in all forms. She also happens to be Emmett’s less-than-excited date for the evening.

ARNOLD (male, 40s) — Lead. Daycare security guard. Heavyset, but friendly and approachable. Bad habit of swearing. Always in competition with Willis, the other security guard.

WILLIS (male, 30s) — Supporting. The other daycare security guard. Self-proclaimed charmer. In much better shape than Arnold. Loves to play pranks. Thinks he’s hot stuff. Note: role involves brief mild nudity in a scene where Willis moons a security camera


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Winston-Salem, NC
Please submit to: by 09/08/2023

Send an email of interest to with your name, age, recent headshot, and the character(s) you’d like to audition for. Please be aware that callbacks and chemistry reads may be requested.

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