Casting for MTV International “Say it in a Song” in NYC


Say it in Song

Location: New York, NY

Type: Reality TV

Casting for MTV International!

We are casting a new show for MTV International, called “Say it in Song.”

Picture moments from classic movies, for example: John Cusack in ‘Say Anything’ holding a boombox outside his crush’s window, or the Lion King Cast performing on the airplane, or those trending FB videos of the sweetest surprise proposals.

We are looking for many creative ideas for this show!

– If you have a loved one that you would like to surprise with a proposal by singing her, her favorite song.
– If you are in the ‘friendzone’ and want to come out to your best friend about your true feelings by either a song or dance that tells them.
– If you want to break up with your S.O. by a song that S P E L L S it out for them.
– If you and your daughter/son share in a meaningful dance for your wife/parents.
– If you want to have that serious talk with your teen and don’t know the right way to go about it, but think a song about it would be a fun ice-breaking way.
– If you want to quit your job in a fun way.
– If you want to fire an employee in an outrageous way.
– If it’s your grandparents birthday and you would like to put on a surprise show for them with all of their loved ones.
– If you are a cast of a show and wants to do a surprise performance in a fun/interesting location.
– If you would like to create a fun lyrical prank.


These are just a few of the ideas we are looking for. We want to create a meaningful and fun show and would love to hear from you if you are interested!!

**If so please email me: a recent picture, your age, location and a brief description of your idea to or apply to

Sizzle Reel:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2015-02-01

This casting notice was posted by: Easton Edwin

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