Dinsey Online Auditions for Lead / Speaking Role in “Moana” – Worldwide

By | December 7, 2014

Auditions for teens – Disney movie speaking role

Walt Disney Pictures announced an online casting call for the lead role in the new Disney animation movie “Moana

The new Disney film will star Dwayne Johnson, but the lead role of Maona is up for grabs. Disney has opened up the talent search globally and anyone who fits the description below can apply from any country using an online submission  form. Disney casting directors describe the role of MOANA  as a teen girl between the ages of 14 and 18. Maona is a smart, passionate, and funny young lady who knows how to sing. She is also brave, inquisitive, and confident. Maona is a teen girl who yearns for something more and heads out across the ocean, on an adventure to help her people.

The story is set 2000 years ago in Ociania. Fearing that her people are in jeapordy, Moana decides to set sail in search of a far away, mythical island. Maona must sail across the open ocean on her quest and runs into mythical creatures and and amazing worlds on her journey. Joining Moana on her journey is her pot bellied pig mnd a demi God named Maui who is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Disney animated feature film will be directed by created by Disney Animation Studios young woman uses her navigational talents to set sail for a fabled island. Joining her on the adventure is her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui. According to the film’s IMDB page, “Moana” is being written and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker (“The Little Mermaid,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Aladdin”). “Moana” will begin production soon and will be released in theaters sometime in 2016.

Online auditions for disney movie "Maona"

Walt Disney Animation Studios is launching a global casting call for teens to play the key role of Maona in their upcoming animated feature “Maona“.

set 2,000 years ago in Oceania about a spirited teenager who learns that the future of her people is in jeopardy. Along with a lovable pot belly pig and a legendary hero, Moana searches for a mythical island, traversing the open ocean and encountering mystical sea creatures and underworlds on an action-packed quest to save her world and make her ancestors proud.

Directed by the renowned filmmaking team of Ron Clements and John Musker (“The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin”), and produced by Osnat Shurer, this CG-animated adventure sets sail in late 2016.

Character breakdown:

MOANA – (female, 14-18) Smart, passionate, and funny. Brave, inquisitive, and confident. A teenager who yearns for something more. Strong singing voice a must.”

Titiro Mai!

Teens who want to audition for Disney’s newest animated production may use the below information as a guideline for your submission.

Send a video of yourself framed close up, showing your head and shoulders with plenty of light on you.
Introduce yourself. Practice this several times before you film.
Tell us why you would make a great Moana.
Then tell us your email contact and your phone contacts. Check with mum and dad if you are under the age of 18 years.
Then widen the frame & film yourself in mid shot singing part of a song that you do well (no longer than one minute)
Upload the video to youtube or similar sharing site (make sure to keep it private)

You can submit online by going here.

Please note that the submission form states that casting directors are seeking talent in the NZ area only, however, Disney casting directors have opened up the online auditions to talent located worldwide.

The role of Moana is a Maori/Polynesian role and we are unsure if that has been opened up as well to teens of all cultures.


39 thoughts on “Dinsey Online Auditions for Lead / Speaking Role in “Moana” – Worldwide

  1. Lucy Comer

    I would love to do the speaking role for Moana. Im 14, I’m very strong willed and I can relate to her. I would be perfect for the part, and I really want to get a head start, I’m going to be an actress. I hope to be in more movies and please pick me. I’m perfect for the role, thanks, just email me please!

  2. Olivia Montgomery

    Hi, my name is Olivia. I am 13 years old, I will be 14 in July. I have always wanted an opportunity like this. It is my dream to become a famous actress, and I think that this would be an amazing place to begin.
    I live in Eugene, OR, we have a live theatre program here called RCT, or Rose Children’s Theatre, I have been doing this for about seven years. I am also very patient, I listen really well, and I work hard too. I think that my voice would work well for the part of Moana, or any other part you would like me to do.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this, and if you want to know more about me please contact me. I hope you consider me. -Olivia Montgomery

  3. usna

    I want to do Moana because I’m 15 and live in Pakistan, Karachi. I was always interested in being an actress and I always had a dream to become an actress some day. I believe I can do this. Thank you.

  4. Kyara

    Hello my name is Kyara. I would be very honored to do the part of moana. I have no experience of acting but I am told that I am a pretty good actor especially when it comes to talking in front of the class. I am 12 years old and I think that I might have a good voice for Disney’s moana if I don’t get the part I understand. I live in IL lindenhurst but my sister loves when I act silly. Honestly if you would just give me the personality traits of moana I would love to have the part but that depends on if I get the part. I am considered a “social bug” at school because I try my best to be friends with everyone. I will always be myself I don’t try to be someone I’m not unless it is for a part but other than that I am all Kyara. In the future I could see myself having an acting career because I just love acting period. Even if it is a sad role or a exciting role. I have the personality for the voice of moana. I am a very understandable personal, now sometimes here and there I will be silly but I am also very serious when it comes to getting things like this done. I just hope that one day my dreams of acting will come true.

    Kind regards
    Kyara Reynoso

  5. Hannah O'Brien

    My name is Hannah and I would love the part as Moana. My experience with acting is very high quality. I have been in many musicals and have been the lead role as Annie in the musical at my school. I live in Australia and if I don’t get this part, please let me know if you need any extras. I will be very glad to help. I have recently turned 14 and I have been singing since I was 5. Thank you.

    Kind regulars
    Hannah O’Brien

  6. Stephanie Torres

    Hello, I’m Stephanie Torres. I’m 15 years old and I will like to audition for Moana. As I was reading the part of what the movie is going to be about, I fell in love with it. I feel that I can be a great Moana and if not it’s ok. I can’t wait for the movie. I know Disney is gonna do a great job, as always. And if you need any extras, I’d be happy to apply. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’ve been singing since I was 6.

  7. Jasmin Vargas

    Hi, my name is Jasmin Vargas. I live in riverside, Ca and i would love to audition for Moana. I am 17 years old and would love to do the singing voice or acting voice maybe even both. Can’t wait to hear back.
    Thank You.

  8. Sophie Sullivan

    Name: Sophia Marie Sullivan
    Age: 18 years old
    Height: 5’7
    Choir: alto but can also sing soprano
    Took part in kiwanis singing program, and have been singing in choir for 7 years and was singing even before that.
    I am half Hawaiian on my birth fathers side. I love disney and all their movies have inspired me to be the best that I can be. I would be honored if I could try out for Moana as I feel that I could bring her alive and bring her personality and story across. Keep up the good work Disney.

  9. destiny hanton

    Destiny Grisel Hanton
    Age:13 DOB: February 18,2001
    Hair color: dark brown eye color: brown
    Barbizon-covergirl runway audition
    Band-school concert clarinet p.s.76 The Bennington School
    Choir-singer Pelham academy
    John Casablanca-runway audition
    Karate-white belt
    One source talent-modeling Age:4
    Skills: Acting, Clarinet, soccer, songwriter, model.

  10. Deanna-Kay Moodie

    I forgot I live in Ft. Lauderdale.

  11. Deanna-Kay Moodie

    Hi my name is Deanna-Kay. I am also 10 years old. I am a female, am in 4th grade and I would love to be on Jessie.

  12. Deanna-Kay Moodie

    Hi my name is Deanna-Kay. I would like to be in Jessie.

  13. Subeida Ismail

    Hi, my name is Subeida Ismail. First off I love Disney movies and It would be a huge honor to be part of one. I’m 14 years old and from Minnesota. I love making people smile and laugh. I can also sing and can pull off a few accents. I have many things in common with Moana like I don’t give up easily, very confident, love making people laugh and smile. Below are some facts about me.

    WEIGHT: 86.5 LBS
    DATE OF BIRTH: 12/28/2000
    AGE: 14


    Thank you for reading!

  14. Morgan Moss

    I can sing, I can make my voice sound like I’m 4 years old, I speak my mind too, it’s hard for me to act physically but I am able to act. I will try my best to do what I can for everybody and to make everyone happy to work with me, if I get this part.

  15. Bryanna simmons

    Hello my name is Bryanna, I have a loud voice, I can do different accents. I am a multicultural girl. I have Amber brown eyes, a bright smile, 5’0, curly light brown hair. I have a great personality and I’m great to work around with. I live in New York city.

  16. Taliyah Jones

    Hi, My Name Is Taliyah Jones. I’m 12 Years Old. I know the description says 14-18 but I know I can pull it off. First off I sing. I would really want and need this role.
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black( Kind of Brown)
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Date of Birth: November 6 2002
    I also speak a little bit of Spanish.
    If you believe in me like I believe in myself, Please, Please email me with more information.
    Thank You For Reading
    Happy New Year’s! 🙂

  17. Natalie Hromulak

    I would love to play the role as Moana, since we have many things in conmon. For example, I am confident, hard working, funny, and I don’t give up easily. Here are some other facts about me:
    * I am 5’6
    * I am 14 years old
    * I have goldish brown straight hair
    * dark brown eyes
    * I sing
    * I dance for my high school, more specifically I do ballet and jazz
    * I can make people laugh easily
    * I love acting for plays and would love to be a lead role of a Disney movie
    * I am from New York
    * I am Slovakian and also speak the language
    * I also love acting out like I am in a Disney movie
    I hope I qualify for the new Disney movie, Moana

  18. Lucas Adelman

    Hello my name is Lucas Adelman and I am 12 years old. I would like to be considered for this role because I am a hard worker, I never give up, and I’m a good singer, dancer, actor, comedian, and improv actor. I think this chance would be perfect to be my debut role. I have an amazing memory and I can dance really well. Here are just a few things that you should know about me
    height – 5:0
    weight – 96 lbs.
    hair color – Dirty Blond
    hair texture – Straight/Curly
    hair length – Short
    eye color – Yucky Green
    skin color -Caucasain
    hobbies- singing, parkour, fencing, biking, swimming, dancing, acting, and playing music.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about me, please email me Thank you for your time and have a nice day

  19. Cat

    Age: 14 yrs.
    Hair: blonde Weight: 103 lb.
    Eyes: blue Height: 5’4”


    Broadway Beat- Summer Class with performance
    Church Choir- 1 yr.: Saint Francis Borgia Church
    Voice Lessons- 3 months: Wendelin Lockett
    School Choir- 5 yrs.: Westlawn Elementary, Cassandra Wilson
    End of the year Talent Show-6th grade, Webster Middle School
    Camp Show Songs-Twice a year for 5 yrs., Camp Manito-Wish and Minikani

    ASE (acting, style, expression): Lake Shore Dance Studio
    Musical Theatre Class- 2 ½ months: First Stage Theatre Academy
    Broadway Beat- Summer Class with performance
    Forensics- 1 yr.: Webster Middle School, Cynthia Verhagen
    Stage Crew- 1 musical: Webster Middle School, Marissa Mitchell
    Colonial Play-5th grade: Westlawn Elementary
    Talent Show-Magic Act, 7th grade, Westlawn Elementary
    Camp Show skits- Twice a year for 5 yrs., Camp Manito-Wish and Minikani
    Drama Club-Cedarburg High School

    Ballet- 9 yrs.: Lake Shore Dance Studio (recitals)
    Jazz- 2 yrs.: Lake Shore Dance Studio (recitals)
    Tap- 2 yrs.: Lake Shore Dance Studio (recitals)
    ASE- 1 yr.: Lake Shore Dance Studio (recitals)
    Lyrical (modern dance)- 1 yr.: Lake Shore Dance Studio (recitals)
    Colts Cheer and Dance Team- 1 season: Coached by Debbie Wolff
    Broadway Beat- Summer Class with performance
    Flute- 5 yrs.: Cedarburg School District in Band
    Flute- Cedarburg High School Marching Band/Concert Band

    Can speak moderate German, swimming, singing, dancing (all types) since age three, intermediate horseback riding (camps, lessons), softball, cheerleading, great with animals, canoeing, kayaking, flute, writing, sewing, knitting, volleyball, great with little kids, tutor middle school kids, babysit, in all honors/AP classes

    I swear I’ll do anything for any role. I just want to get my career started and I hope you can help. I don’t know if you actually read these comments or not, since there’s so many of them, but I really hope you do and I hope that you can give me ANY role. I live in the Midwest and I can fly to an audition(pretty easily) if need be.

    Please give me this chance, I promise I won’t disappoint you.

  20. Camila Tarus

    hi my name is Camila Tarus. I know I can be Moana because I can sing and am really confident. I am 16 years old and am from kenya africa. I am 5’3 and I have brown eyes, thank you in advance. I will be waiting eagerly for your feedback.

  21. Angelique Lucero

    It’s been confirmed that CNA’s Casting call for Moana is officially closed. Does that mean that all casting calls from everywhere around the globe are also closed. Or just CNA’s casting call. Is there a deadline if they’re still accepting auditions somewhere else?

  22. Breanna Reilly

    I want to do Moana because I’m 14 and live in NC. I am always interested in being an actress and I believe that doing this will help me with that. Thank you for your time.

  23. Iona Worgan

    Hi my name is Iona and I am 20 but don’t look my age or sound my age, I often get mistaken for a 16 year old. I am from Scotland, UK .I am interested in this character and would love to get the opportunity play in this part. Thank you for your time.

  24. Earricka Farmer

    Hey I would like to audition for any thing available can you email me information

  25. Fiona Allan

    Country: Great Britain

    I’m a 23 year old from Great Britain but can do a number of accents and have a good strong belting voice! In my spare time I dub Disney on YouTube and I enjoy it, I have a natural flair to improvise and can be witty and off cuff. I would love to be a Disney princess, admittedly I am not the skinniest girl, but I love my curves and can flaunt um! I love adventure and would love to create that world with my voice.

  26. Shaneka Crosby

    Facebook: Shaneka R. Crosby
    I’m extremely interested in this audition. I would love to be apart of this movie because I know disney movies help children truly understand different difficulties they may or may not have to come face to face with and I love this about them. It would mean so much to me if I was chosen and know I would work unbearably hard for this movie for disney even though I’m new to this, but just because I’m new doesn’t mean I won’t be able to shock you out of your mind. Thank you for your time.

  27. shamsher khan

    I am a good boy, sincere punctual and hardworking.
    Date of birth 15-7-1995
    Hight 5.9 weight 60kg
    My Aim is only to be an Actor.
    I am intersected in playing any Role.
    Perusing graduation from Delhi university, I am from Delhi, live at Nangloi.

  28. Stephanie

    Actress from johannesburg South Africa. Would love to try out for the lead role in Disney’s new movie Moana.

  29. Jason vasques

    Hello my name is Jason I recently applied for a Disney show with my family but did not qualify if there is anything else you need may it be extras or anything I am available. I live in Boston MA and am unemployed and trying to make a name for myself to be on tv. I have a great outgoing personality and love to make people smile and laugh.


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