Auditions for Actors in Detroit – Speaking Roles in Revenge Thriller “Wronged”



Location: Detroit, MI

Type: Film

Wronged is a violent revenge thriller that was written and will be directed by Nicholas Holland (Hunger Unholy) set around the subject of loss and regret. It will be filming in the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016.

“David and Andrea have recently lost their third child that they were expecting. David, unable to accept that bad things happen to good people for no reason other than the apparent indifference of the universe, has begun to suffer from fits of rage. At the request of their marriage counselor, he and Andrea join David’s father and brother on a hunting trip as they try and repair their marriage and accept what they have lost. But what they will find on this trip instead is a grief that no human being should have to suffer. Finding themselves face to face with a violent, uncaring group of thieves and mercenaries, David and Andrea will have to decide if their humanity or the lives of their family members are more important to them as they endure a torrent of violence and retribution for what has been taken from them.”

Those cast will be on volunteer basis, unless otherwise specified or agreed upon between talent and producers. Those cast will receive a copy of the film, footage for demo reel purposes, as well as IMDB credit. Meals provided on set. Producers plan to apply for SAGA-AFTRA New Media Agreement. Film is mostly cast but several co-lead roles and supporting roles still need casting.

SAG film wronged seeks cast in Detroit

We are looking for actors and actresses that meet these descriptions:

-Detective Gardner: An older male, age 45-55. Will be playing the role of a soon to be retiring crooked officer. Heavy dialogue, and requires some makeup effects to be applied. 2-3 days of shooting.

-Gary: Older Caucasian male, doesn’t need to be but can appear to be the age of 60-70, but physically able. Character is a Vietnam veteran and a hunter/survivalist. Co-lead role requiring heavy dialogue, some physical exertion, and applied makeup effects. Expect about 10 days of filming.

-Grayson. Young boy aged 5-10 (or appears to be). Either African American or can convincingly be the child of a Caucasian father and African American mother. Very light dialogue. 2-3 days of filming.

-Michelle. Young girl age 5 – 10 (or at least appears to be). African American or can convincingly be the child of a Caucasian father and African American mother. Supporting role, decent amounts of dialogue and interaction with adult characters. 8 -10 days of filming.

Head shots, demo reels or resumes are also encouraged.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit, MI
Please submit to: by 2015-05-31

This casting notice was posted by: Diamond Dead Media

3 thoughts on “Auditions for Actors in Detroit – Speaking Roles in Revenge Thriller “Wronged”

  1. Brandon Trumbla

    I would love the opportunity to earn a place in this film. I look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


    Detective Gardner, I will give my best, give me a call.


      Hey I would love to be part of the movie, I was a black detective in music video Deadman Walking/Blaze, on Facebook you can see me in thriller The Forever People Film/facebook, I will holler at you later.


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