Auditions in Woodland Park, Colorado for Indie Short Film

By | April 25, 2019


Location: Woodland Park, Colorado

Type: Film

Solus Sum, Non-Union


Audition Location: Woodland Park Public Library

218 E Midland Ave, Woodland Park, CO 80863

Audition Dates: WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th. TIME: 10AM- 7PM

Shooting Location: Woodland Park



Sarah wakes up to find herself alone in what she thinks is a post-apocalyptic world. She runs into Billy, who helps Sarah realize the truth of her situation… She’s dead.


Sarah (Gender: female) (Age: early thirties)(Lead Role)
Sarah in life was shy and compliant to her husband, David. In death (her post apocalyptic world) she became strong and independent.

David (Gender: male) (Age: thirties)(Supporting Role)
David is a narcissist. He’s loving and attentive in the presence of the women he claims to love, but an arrogant ass underneath that exterior.

Billy (Gender: male) (Age: twenties)(Supporting Role)
Billy is a jester. He’s carefree and his answers are always vague and not straight forward.

Karen (Gender: female) (Age: early twenties)(Small Role)
Following David’s taste in women, Karen is a lot like Sarah: compliant, shy, not outspoken.

William (Gender: male) (Age: sixties)(Small Role)
William is Sarah’s father. He’s a kind old man who loves his daughter.

Masked Man (Gender: Male) (Age: 20-30)(Small Role)
The masked man who robs the convenient store has a hard exterior and a scared interior.

Store Clerk (Gender: male/female) (Age: open)(Small Role)
The store clerk has an open personality.


Those wanting to audition, please send the following:

1. Your name and age

2. A picture

3. Part you would like to audition for

4. If applicable, any prior acting experience you have

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Woodland Park, Colorado
Please submit to: by 2019-05-06

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