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Where: Los Angeles
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Type: Film

THE RALLY 2: BREAKING THE CURSE Writer/Director: Rick Reyna
(North American Release)
Producers: Rick Reyna, Kenneth Copeland, Courtney Flores
Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Production CO.: Rallys For Christ
RATE: SAG ULTRA LOW BUDGET Casting: Courtney Flores, Rick Reyna
Shoots: Los Angeles – April- May


THE RALLY 2: BREAKING THE CURSE is the dark, grimy, corrupt city that is LA, Sarka, an ex gang leader is on a mission to save the city from his brother Santiago and his crew. His family is in need of something more and the rally where they will all come together to find the true meaning of life.

SARKA – Kenneth Copeland
RICK – Rick Reyna
SALLY – Sophia Luke
CHRISTINA – Destanie Reyna
MS BETTY – Dyan Canon


[] (50-65) – Lead. Santiago: Sarka’s brother. Organized crime leader. Few words, commanding, older man, patriarch of the city, strong presence, smug, rich, hard worker, self made, feels threatened by his brother, lays down the law, he is the law, his way or the highway
[] (35-45) – Marcos: Santiago’s right hand guy, big and bulky, thug, hardcore, loud, forceful, defensive, looking out for himself, answers to Santiago, stands up for his crew, zealous, smooth, angry, violent,
[] (35-50) – Pastor Mike: White
Hip younger pastor, good looking, put together, quiet confidence, leader, not relatable, modern, contemporary, concerned for his community, wants to reach the lost, all about the people, values community, looking for hope,
[] (50-65) – Paul Mitchell: White,Clean, well dressed, professional but timid, middleman, Mayor of the city, professional, pleasant, personable, political, thinking about himself, answers to Santiago, busy man, scared of Santiago, knows right from wrong, finally stands up for what is right, greater good,
[] (16-18) – Leti: HS senior, Kris’ best friend, observant, vocal, always looking for solutions, positive energy, optimistic, wants the best in life, cares for her friend, fun loving, free spirit, loves dancing and music, outgoing, extroverted, fearless, considerate,
[] (35-45) – April: Young and attractive, rough, vocal, quick, feisty, searching for something more, insecure, lack of self respect, stressed, unhealthy relationship,
[] (45-60) – Jack: white Tall, good looking, smart, timid,
Paul’s delivery boy, professional, business man by day, pauls guy by night, double life, scandal,
[] (30-45) – Kate: Waitress, co worker to April, solemn, quiet, quick, accurate
[] (50-65) – Robert Blake: Police chief, sturdy
[] (40-60) – Mr./Mrs. Phillips: quick whit, focused, high school teacher
[] (30-45) – Franky: Drug shop runner. He is slick and paranoid. He is cheating Santiago. He has a separate plan that what his boss wants. He is looking out for himself.
[] (45-60) – Foreman Joe: He is a handy man. He is confident and hard working. He is there to do his job and he does it with precision and excellence. He is very professional and respectful.
[] (60-65) – Sanitago’s housekeeper, elderly woman, aged, experience,
[] (40-60) – Worker: She is in charge of her office and is frazzled. She has a lot going on and shows it on her face. Determined and hard working as well as not friendly. She is irritable and has no problem hiding that with clients. She is looking for more in her life, for a break.
[] (50-65) – Shrewd Official: He is an official of the city but he is working ultimately for Santiago. He is a law enforcer by day, law breaker by night. He is leading a double life. He is feeling the pressure of his double life. He is in it for the money. Greedy. Solemn.
[] (50-65 ) – Heavy Official: He is an official for the city. He is working ultimately for Santiago, in the drug mule. His number one priority is money. He is leading a double life and he can feel the pressure from that. He is a strong man on the outside but not strong enough to break away from this lifestyle. Although he knows it is wrong, he would rather stay in for the money.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: courtney@rallysforchrist.org

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles – Feature Film Auditions for many roles

  1. Essence Harris

    Hi, My name is Essence Harris. I am 15 years old and I’m in high school. I have nbeen in theatre for about 6 years now. I have an increbile personality. I am very good at taking direction and following instructing. I am here for a chance to audtion for any role possible. Please give me a chance becuase I really want to do this for the rest of my life and help you out with your movie. Please contact me if I can do any role or even be an extra, that would be nice. Also can you send me comments or tips. Thank you

  2. Thom Zehev

    Just wondering if I need to be a SAG member (which I am not) to be up for an acting spot in this production. The casting call isn’t clear about being for SAG members only or if it is open for all.

  3. Naomi Cheney

    Hello, I would like to try out for the role of Leti. I am 19 years old, Caucasian, with dark, wine-red hair. I have had some experience in theater, and I was in the Black Veil Brides music video; “Coffin”. I’m very interested in this project. Please contact me if you are interested.


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