Auditions in Mobile Alabama for Halo Video Game Fan Film

By | November 3, 2016

Halo Omega (A Live Action Halo Fan-Film)

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Type: Film

Halo Omega is a live action film based off the popular video game franchise Halo.

Halo Omega will not begin filming until summer 2018, giving us enough time to do as much as we can in pre-production. It will be filming all across North America in places like Mobile AL, Georgia, Flagstaff and Payson AZ, Calgary B.C, Los Angeles, Maine, and Texas. If you are concerned about travel costs, do not worry. We plan to have multiple RV’s and trailers to transport cast, crew, and equipment. We will also be filming majority of the film in the summer, with re-shoots in the fall.

This is, in a way, a student film. By this I mean that I, the director and producer, am a high school student, working on pre-production and studying film in my spare-time, so you don’t have to call me Mr. Sheffield in your e-mail or something like that. This isn’t by any means a high budget Hollywood film, but we will do whatever we can to make something as close as possible to it.

We only have one character cast so far, but other than that every role in the main cast is open. We also have voice acting opportunities if you’re interested in that. Be aware that if you get the role, we want you to do some research into the lore of Halo just so you have a better understanding of the story. I will give you maybe one or two of the novels to read and webpages to look over. Depending on your role, you will also have to get into some kind of work-out routine before filming, since Halo is an action-based franchise, and there will be a lot of running and other stunts in the film.

Now, we’re finally getting into the part you are most interested in, the roles. We are looking for actors that are within the age range of 16 through 19, as well as some roles ranging from the ages 30 to 40. I may only be a high school student but I do wish to be treated with respect as I am the director and producer of the film and I want everyone involved in the film have their work pay off.


-Spartan Blake Stevens, Male, Age range 16 – 19, recommended height: 6+ feet.
CHARACTER BIO: Spartan Stevens is a highly skilled marksman and second in command of Spartan Fireteam Omega. He is very silent when concentrating, often not speaking a word in battle unless it is to inform fellow soldiers of critical information. Spartan Stevens cares about the lives of his teammates and will not hesitate to disobey orders to save another Spartan. Outside of battle, Stevens is very casual and can often small jokes, while still listening with he has to.

-Spartan Josh Connors, Male, age range 16 – 19, recommended height: 6+ feet.
CHARACTER BIO: Spartan Connors used to be an agent for the Office of Naval Intelligence, with his missions normally consisting of him spying on the enemy. While not having as much combat experience as the rest of the Spartans, he is still a very skilled fighter and a tactical genius. Connors does not have a very good emotional connection with the rest of Fireteam Omega. This is because he is trained to be silent, and still has ONI secrets that he has to keep.

-Spartan Kayla Thompson, Female, age range 15 – 19.
CHARACTER BIO: Kayla is the most laid back of the team in most situations. This is partly shown in the fact that she prefers to be called by her first name by the other three Spartans in the team. Her skills in battle, however, are not affected at all by her casualness. Kayla is the fastest member of Fireteam Omega, once reaching speeds up to 77 meters per second (You don’t actually have to run this fast during filming obviously). Because of this, Kayla is usually sent ahead as the scout or as an infiltrator. Her swiftness allows her to be virtually unseen by enemies in dark areas, and sometimes even in broad daylight. Kayla is close to Spartan Clark, the team’s commander, due to the fact that they knew each other before joining the U.N.S.C. This is shown in the film through dialogue and even in battle.

-Master Sergeant Neil Troy, Male, age range 25 – 35, recommended height: 5″10+ feet.
CHARACTER BIO: Sergeant Troy is a war hardened soldier, but that doesn’t take away from his sense of humor. Throughout the film, Sergeant Troy will usually be cracking jokes and making funny comments. His sense of humor does not take away from his skills in battle. If anything it makes him more determined. Sergeant Troy once held off four waves of Covenant troops defending a wounded soldier. Troy basically has no fear in most situations, and if he does, he is very good at hiding it.

Payment: Other
If we raise enough funds for the film, it will be paid. But without that it is an unpaid project.

City or Location of call: Mobile, Alabama
Please submit to: by 2017-04-12

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