Austin Texas Auditions for Paid Roles in Short Film “No Loss, No Gain”


Feature Film Casting Call – Austin Tx

Location: Austin Tx

Type: Film

No Loss, No Gain

A mysterious modern day Robin Hood gives the victims of a bank robbery the opportunity to each walk away with millions, but not everyone is convinced his motives are harmless.

Paid roles and actors will receive Film Credit, Private Screening, Meals, Snacks and Beverages on set.

Character Breakdowns:

ALLISON MANFORD (age: 32~35; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank clerk. Strong single mother, recently divorced. Works hard to provide for her family, but craves being more present in her kids’ upbringing.

FRANK DAVIDSON (age: 52~59; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank manager. Gay bachelor, thirty years “married to his job”. Genuinely cares about his employees, but recently was spurned by the bank.

MARIA FLORES (age: 33~35; ethnicity: Latina)
Bank customer. Secretary and Joel’s pregnant wife. Wants their child to come home from the hospital to a new house — their house. But they are finding it virtually impossible to be approved for a mortgage.

JOEL FLORES (age: 35~38; ethnicity: Latino)
Bank customer. Electrician and Maria’s husband. Forthright and hardworking. Stressed over providing for his pregnant wife and forthcoming child. Believes in never taking anything he hasn’t earned.

WILLY SPITZ (age: 60~65; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank customer. Blue collar painter. Amiably blunt. He lives a solitary life as a widower, keeping himself busy with work.

CAMERON (age: 22~25; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank customer. Call center operator. Hip, “plugged-in”, sarcastic, jaded, but well-informed. Not certain what he wants to do with the rest of his life, but knows he doesn’t want to be exploited — by anyone.

MEGAN (age: 19; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank customer. University student. Emotionally frail, anxious, and hesitant. Suffers from extreme social anxiety and manic-depression. Wants to live a “normal” life, but her mental health makes menial tasks a struggle.

JANE PRESCOTT (age: 40~50; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank customer. Local entrepreneur. Longtime friend to Frank. Has lived a fortunate life, but has always given back to her community. Believes strongly in acting for the “greater good” — even if risky.

COLLIN (age: 33~38; ethnicity: unspecified)
Bank security guard; training to be a detective. Family friends with Allison. Lives within a hard-edged black and white moral code, where he can comfortably hide the gray from himself.

MR. X (age: 35~45: ethnicity: unspecified)
Intelligent, witty, and sincere. Reveals to the employees and customers egregious accusations that he believes justifies the robbery. Possibly too intelligent for his own good and too idealistic for the welfare of others. The enigmatic “mastermind” of the robbery — or is he?

MR. Y (age: 35~45; ethnicity: unspecified)
Mr. X’s accomplice. Tall, imposing, and fit. Serves as a “necessary” physical force to maintain order during the robbery. Does not appear to be as idealistic as Mr. X, but this is hard to tell considering he is never seen without his mask.

Audition Date(s): February 10-12
Send headshot, resume, and any reels/demos to

Production Location: Austin
Production Start Date: April 17
Production Wrap Date: April 28
Production Schedule: 12 days

Writer(s): Christian Rousseau
Director(s): Christian Rousseau

Email Address for Cast Submissions:

Feb 10-12

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Austin Tx
Please submit to: by 2017-02-09

This casting notice was posted by: San Austin Productions

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