Audition for 90 Day Fiance TV Show 2019


In a long distance relationship? 90 Day Fiance now casting.

Now casting a new season of the hit series 90 DAY FIANCÉ!

If you’ve already filed for a K1 visa and are in the process of bringing over your international fiancé to the US, we’d love to hear from you.

Long-distance relationships have challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome but consider if the distance traveled was halfway around the world and a couple had just 90 days to decide whether the courtship should conclude with marriage. That’s the situation facing the men and women profiled in this series, which shares the complexities of international romances.

Using a visa that allows foreign fiancees of American citizens to travel to the U.S., the men and women experience life in the States with their prospective mates for the first time.

Culture and language barriers must be overcome — not to mention the stigma of being thought of as mail-order spouses — but here’s the elephant in the room: The couples must marry before the visas expire in 90 days, or else the visitors have to immediately return to their countries. With the clock ticking, these couples discover if their “happily ever after” is meant to be.

To apply, please send a short bio of your love story along with pictures to

4 thoughts on “Audition for 90 Day Fiance TV Show 2019

  1. Nigel Whitear

    My Friend Dom who works at the gym in North Camp ~England. He is seeing a girl in Holland… They have NEVER actually met each other face – to – face. But he wants to marry her…. he knows she is the one for him
    Dom is smothered in tattoos. Head to toe…. I don’t recall seeing someone like him on your previous shows ever.
    I feel he would bring something different to your series. He is due to meet her at the end of this month and wants to propose t the AIRPORT once through customs.

    Please don’t let this slip through…

  2. Vincent Crisomia

    I’m currently in a long term relationship with a fillipina woman in Hong Kong. I am visiting her in July and will apply for a K1 visa in November. I am from the City of Brotherly Love and have known her for almost 6 months. I am 50 and she is 41.. I think we’d be great for the older viewer

  3. wilkins malveaux

    How does this work? I noticed ‘yall never had a person who hearing impaired or does sign languages… I’m in USA and the other is in Indonesia, Africa, will you help make our dreams come true?

  4. Patience Tweh

    Hello TLC I have a lovely story to tell. My boyfriend is Ghanaian and he lives in Accra Ghana. We have been talking for 9 months and thinking we should live happily ever after. I live in Glendale Arizona.


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