Auditions for Young Actors for Indie Film “Five Kids in a Floating Metal Bedlam”


Original Film – “Five Kids in a Floating Metal Bedlam”

Location: nationwide

Type: Student Films

The film “Five Kids in a Floating Metal Bedlam” is a comedy, drama, sci-fi about five mismatched, unlikely, clumsy teenagers getting sent into space for five days in a small spaceship as the result of a “contest”. The kids–through a series of mishaps and arguments–find out that their trip isn’t what it’s made out to be.

The screenplay was specifically written to be able to be preformed completely distanced. Actors must be able to film their own clips–with camera angles and lighting directions provided. Clips must be sent to the director via email ( Actors and the director will communicate over zoom.

While auditioning, please follow audition directions and fill out this form:

Please note about the director:
I am a first-time director looking to make my first professional film. I decided it would be both interesting and safe to write and make a movie that could be filmed completely distanced (with the exception of a few tough scenes, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there). I am looking to hire aspiring teenage actors and actresses who are willing to work hard on this. All auditions are appreciated!


DONNY – (lead) Male character, age 12 – 18.

Donny is the main character of the film. He is an intelligent space-geek and book nerd. He tries to play it cool but can’t help when the incompetence of his cremates make him snap. Audition script:

COLE – (co-lead) Male character, age 12 -18.

Cole is a laid-back kid who was “that funny kid” in school. He can’t stand the thought of being apart from his iphone for five days. He has a real “surfer” mentality, but when put in stressful situations he may get a little paranoid. Audition script:

ARIANNA – (co-lead) Female character, age 12 – 18.

Arianna is the rich girl with tons of friends, a fake personality, and two secret boyfriends. She’s very dramatic and is known to be snippy and plastic–but she can also be sensitive. She made her dad pay the scientists to put her on the ship because she thought it would make good Instagram material. Audition script:

ROSE – (co-lead) Female character, age 12 – 18.

Rose is the creepy, quiet girl. Her social awkwardness can get her into trouble. She’s also very nosy, which might come in handy. She’s a bit stand-offish but can be bold when she needs to be. She’ll take charge and fire back snippy responses when she’s pushed far enough. Audition script:

ZEKE – (co-lead) Male character, age 12 -18.

Zeke is bulky and built like a football player, who is too stupid for his own good. He can be both annoying and problematic. Audition script:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:
Please submit a photo (does not have to be a professional head shot. It is just for an idea). Attach a video of your preforming of the portion of the script provided under the desired role (memorization is not required; you may read off the script). Submit both photo and video–along with name, age, and role being auditioned–to the email address provided. Information will not be shared or used anywhere, only for the sole purpose of the director. Please also fill out the google form in the casting audition info.

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