Teen Lead Roles for Self Filmed Zoom Type Project



Location: Worldwide

Type: Video

Ella (Lead)
Female (11-15)
– Somehow a bossy-type, goal-focused person. She likes to draw and do arts too. Ella calls the girls to ask ways on how to earn money for something she wants.

Lorelei (Lead)
Female (11-15)
– Lorelei loves video games and electronics. She has a Youtube channel wherein she posts videos about them. She’s laidback and chill.

Wendy (Lead)
Female (11-15)
– Wendy takes school seriously and loves reading. She’s kind and calm.

Jada (Lead)
Female (11-15)
– Jada’s hobby is singing and doing theatre. She’s very expressive and creative, a little boy-crazy too.

Delaney (Lead)
Female (11-15)
– Delaney comes from a well-known family and loves fashion designing. She’s shy, but sweet.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Worldwide
Please submit to: 05nathanliu@gmail.com by 2020-11-05
The final film will be self-recorded, and will then be edited to look like an online/zoom call. Callbacks will be announced on Nov. 4th-5th. Final self-made video needed by Nov. 10th. No in-person contact. Please include the following in your audition: – headshot – self-tape with a slate and you doing a short monologue (no longer than 2 minutes). – online resume not needed, but recommended.

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