Auditions in Milwaukee, WI for Batman Student Film

By | January 2, 2015

Batman/Joker: Love is mad

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Type: Student Films

There are 4 main roles:
Eric Border AKA Jack Naiper AKA Red AKA Joker: mid 20s, tall, thin, short brown hair, pointy nose, creepy laugh. This character is an ex comedian who’s life goes terribly wrong and he ends up in the mob. He falls almost in love with Batman and ends up in the worst of situations as he is captured by his own gang and is tortured with chemicals. He is certifiably insane by the end of the film.

Bruce Wayne AKA Batman: mid 20s, muscular, handsome, gruff voice, short black hair, five o clock shadow. This character is a warm and handsome owner of multi billion company, WayneTech. But he is secretly crime fighter, Batman by night. He is fighting the mob and meets Eric Border and may very well be the one responsible for Eric’s transformation into the Joker

Carmine Falcone: mid 40s, thin, greying hair, stern voice, a bit of an accent. This character is the leader of the mob. He gets arrested after an operation is busted by Batman. He blames Eric when he gets out of prison. He orders for Eric to be tortured by chemicals and may be someone responsible for the Joker.

Commissioner James Gordon: early 30s, short brown hair, mustache, glasses. This character is the police commissioner. He and the Batman are forced to work together to take in Falcone.

Batman / Joker Film Project Milwaukee

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Milwaukee, WI
Please submit to: by 2015-05-12

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